As the fans may know I was a high school teacher and coach before I became a professional wrestler. I taught Psychology and U.S. History. I coached American football and track and field. I taught for several years and basically got into wrestling by accident. I did continue to teach and wrestle professionally for one year. I then began to wrestle full time and continued to do that until the mid 90's.

I returned to teaching with the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. We serve all types of juveniles from misdemeanor offenses to major felonies. Too often these children are victims of our society. Often they do not have the chance at success that most of us have. They are called the "THROW AWAY CHILDREN OF SOCIETY".

They are the ones people often neglect, abuse, ignore and forget.Some just fall thru the cracks and only are discovered when the commit a crime. In my years of working with this population I have found children wanting to learn, wanting to be successful, wanting to be contributing members of society. It takes great effort on our part. It takes caring. It takes forgiveness. It takes understanding. It takes time. I have been given much more than I give.
I have been able to see young men without hope, without the ability to read and write take giant steps to making a positive place for themselves in the world. It has been slow but it has been very rewarding.

With the help of you, fans I know we can make their lives better. I ask for your help.Each purchase of a Superstar item will go toward meeting the basic needs of a young man. You will be able to receive a piece of wrestling memorabilia and at the same time help our cause.
I hope you all realize that this is not just a U.S. problem . This problem exists all over the world. We have undertaken a very difficult task. I realize that we will not save every young person. If we can save a few we have made a difference.

I ask for your help. Perhaps we can make that additional save today!!!!!
I thank you in advance for your support. God bless !!!

Sincerely, Superstar
- Bill Eadie Project -
Message from Masked Superstar
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Mr.Bill Eadie ask for your helps not only Japanese fans but also American fans to help this charity out! Bill works as a teacher and mentor for kids ar risk and has asked for your HELP!

If you are interested in help this charity, please contact the following email address. your helps are deeply appreciate and please email to him. Emails do not go directly to Bill, and are screened before
he receives them. Again, thank you for helps in advance.